The FAKTR PodcastJune 14, 202400:38:34

#82 - Common Conditions for Mixed Martial Artists, Part 2

Common Conditions and Rehab for the Mixed Martial Artist with Dr. Nate Stegehuis, Pt. 2

In Episode 81, we discussed common submission and take-down techniques in the world of Mixed Martial Arts and our guest instructor, Dr. Nate Stegehuis gave an in-depth overview of the injuries that can occur in these scenarios.

We also discussed fighter evaluation and rehab strategies, ways to manage pain and inflammation and strategies for restoring range-of-motion post-injury.In today's episode, Dr. Nate will talk more about ways to manage pain and inflammation, strategies for cross-training, and the importance of incorporating strength and conditioning programs for these unique athletes.

We will also discuss the best methods for optimizing recovery and talk through ways to track progress and athletic development.Be sure to join us for our next FAKTR webinar on June 19th with Dr. Kristine Tohtz. Learn more and register here.

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