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#81 - Common Conditions for Mixed Martial Artists, Part 1

Common Conditions and Rehab for the Mixed Martial Artist with Dr. Nate Stegehuis

Mixed Martial Arts has experienced a popularity spike over the past few years and with that comes more opportunities for rehab based professionals to enhance and prolong the careers of these special athletes. In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), injuries are as inevitable as they are complex.

Understanding the various forces and mechanisms involved with combat sports and knowing the proper methods for evaluation and screening will help insure that your patient is well-equipped to perform at their best on and off the mat.

Key Points:

  • Common submission and take-down techniques in the world of MMA
  • Injuries that plague fighters in various forms of martial arts
  • Fighter evaluation and rehab strategies
  • Managing Pain and Inflammation
  • Restoring range-of-motion post injury
  • How to develop a training and recovery plan that is sports-specific and tailored to the individual athlete

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