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#79 - The Science of HRV: Advanced Analysis for Healthcare Providers, Part 1

The Science of HRV: Advanced Analysis for Healthcare Providers Pt 1

When it comes to the science of studying Heart Rate Variability, it's more than just a data point or a health marker; HRV is a comprehensive gauge of our nervous system's flexibility and our overall physiological resilience.

In this fascinating two-episode series, our guest instructor Dr. David Hopper will share the significance of understanding both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems for achieving optimal bodily functions, and discuss the potential of HRV in predicting illnesses and enhancing patient care. We will also explore how this powerful tool helps athletes adjust training schedules and assists medical practitioners in planning better patient care strategies, all while steering through day-to-day physiological shifts.

Whether you're a healthcare professional or someone interested in wellness and body metrics, this episode is packed with valuable insights on using HRV to its full potential!

Guest Instructor: David Hopper, DC

Dr. David Hopper is a practicing chiropractor and professor of anatomy & physiology at the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS). He is also co-founder of a heart rate variability technology company. Dr. Hopper holds two US patents in health & ergonomics. 

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