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#76 - Dr. Janette Kurban on Ancient Ear Acupuncture Points and Modern Practice, Part 2

Auriculotherapy and Clinical Practice Pt 2 with Dr. Janette Kurban

In today's episode we pick back up with our fascinating course on auriculotherapy with Dr. Janette Kurban. In Part 1 of this training, Dr. Kurban introduced the 12 master points of auriculotherapy (acupuncture that is applied to specific points on the ear). It was incredible to hear about the various ways that these tiny points in the ear can create substantial changes in the body, impacting everything from hormones to anxiety, hypertension and of course musculoskeletal pain.

Today, we talk through a number of case studies and real-world examples of how to apply auriculotherapy in your practice including combining acupuncture as part of a multi-modal treatment plan.We touch on the effects of bilateral vs. unilateral treatment and the clinical decision making involved with determining where to start and how to introduce and explain this type of therapy to a patient.

Guest Instructor: Janette, Kurban, DC, DACBA

Dr. Janette Kurban is a renowned figure in the realm of integrative medicine, combining the ancient wisdom of acupuncture with modern chiropractic techniques. Along with her doctorate in chiropractic, she has earned her Diplomate in Chiropractic Acupuncture from the ACA’s Board of Chiropractic Acupuncture; a distinction recognized both nationally and internationally, that endorses her expertise in acupuncture as it relates to chiropractic care.

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